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Hurricane Special


The calm before the storm

Where to begin? Once again I am behind on blogging! There is so much going on at Mashie Lane! We were very fortunate last week to be relatively unscathed by Hurricane Matthew.  This was my first Florida hurricane and I was flying solo. Mike sent me a long list of things to do in preparation of the storm. Most of them I had already covered, but there were a couple of minor “major” things to do the day before Matthew was predicted to hit. Like cleaning out the cottage gutters.

The gutters on our side of the property weren’t bad. Our neighbor has a large oak tree that drops leaves like crazy. The back gutters needed a little bit of cleaning but the ones next to our neighbor’s yard were packed.


Our neighbor has vacated the property and we’re not sure if they are going to rent the house or sell it. All I know is this thing has to go. I have had enough of neighbors at our house and the rental properties who have “landscaping” that ends up costing us money. However, that subject is for another post.


Out of control and causing us problems

I pulled all of our patio furniture, plants, lights and decorations into the garage. I also rolled in the trash bins and my tenant’s stuff from the cottage.  Boy did that stuff stink up the garage!


Safe and secure

The rain from the outer bands of the hurricane hit on Thursday evening. Of course, the windows that are in dire need of replacing began to leak. Fortunately, it was only a small amount.


The kitchen window was sealed up a couple months ago, but water can still get in.

Another side benefit of this storm was high humidity. And with several windows that need to be replaced, the house is not sealed up very well. Time to run the air conditioner to knock out the humidity!

The storm continued through Friday afternoon. There was only one casualty at our house. One tree came uprooted and is leaning on another tree. It is right by our neighbors’ roof line, so they came out and took pictures for insurance purposes. Really??? So, there is some tree work in the near future. Here are some photos of the aftermath:

img_4924 img_4945 img_4977 img_4990 img_4993 img_4996

And then Saturday came, and it was time to put everything back in place. Just in time for company. This was the first time that hubby’s family had seen the house since we remodeled it.


The bar was fully stocked

Mike’s nephew was on hurricane cleanup status. He loved the backyard!

img_5015 img_5026

I didn’t get pictures of the BBQ spread that we had, but these cupcakes from Publix were pretty and yummy.


Cupcakes for dessert!

Though we haven’t done our big reveal of our front patio area (darn hurricane!), this was the first time we got to use it and I couldn’t be happier!



Enjoying the front patio

I’m looking forward to hurricane season being over with!



A Tribute


Getting into trouble, with Gagie’s assistance.

They say that the older you get, the faster that time flies. It really is true!  It has been a year since my Grandmother “Gagie”, as we affectionately called her, has passed. This one really snuck up on me. I never thought that I’d see the day that she was no longer here. She was such an integral part of our family that it seems odd that she is gone. She was fortunate enough to live 95 years and still look damn good for her age.

Home was everything to Gagie. She grew up in a tiny house and slept on a rollaway bed for many years. The back bedroom was reserved for both of her grandfathers, whom her mother took care of until they passed away. It wasn’t until she was married that she had her own bed. Well, sorta. She had to share it with Grandpa.

Because home was everything to her, Gagie had a hard time letting it go. Over the years, it became harder for her to maintain it. She did what she could, but when it came time for her to move to assisted living, it was a blessing that she really didn’t understand what was going on. My family spent months cleaning out her house. She literally did not throw away anything for 60 years. It was sad to see. So much had to be thrown away due to deterioration, odor or just plain being broken.

The one thing that was a staple was spending time on the patio and in the backyard. She loved to garden and did so up until her 90’s. After I was born, the first stop after we left the hospital was Gagie’s patio. Same thing happened with my brother. So many memories. I don’t have alot of good pictures of us outside, but are are some of my favorites:


Mom didn’t let me get into trouble like Gagie.


Easter time was always fun at Gagie’s.

Grandma always took care of me. In return, I swatted flies for her.

Grandma always took care of me. In return, I swatted flies for her.

So where did the name Gagie come from? When I was first learning to talk, I couldn’t quite say the word “Grandma”. It sounded like “Gagie”. And thus, the nickname was born. Her other nickname was Cookie, which I much prefer now that I’m older.


September Home Checklist from Houzz


As the sun begins to set on summer, it’s time to think about some cooler weather things. Houzz’s September Home To-do list does just that. Here’s the dirt from Houzz; check back in with us at the first of the month to see what we’re up to.

Schedule chimney and furnace maintenance. Make sure your fireplace and heating system are clean, safe and ready to go by having a pro look at them now. Having your chimney cleaned will also ensure that you don’t try to start a fire when an animal family (or an old nest) is inside. And if you don’t have a chimney cap yet, speak with your chimney sweep about adding a one. The metal cap with screened sides can prevent critters from getting in and helps protect your roof from burning embers.

Houzz Clutter-Clearing Challenge Catch-Up


We’re back to catch up on Houzz’s Clutter-Clearing Challenge!

If you are new around here, or want to take a look back at this year’s posts about the clutter-clearing plan, check them out here:

January’s Results

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May and June’s Results

Curious about the whole year? Click here.

July and August’s challenges were summer-friendly and light as a sea breeze. August was more applicable to me and personally, I thought was more fun than July. Check them out!

July’s Challenge

August’s Challenge

Let me breakdown August’s results for you:

  1. Finish up outdoor projects: Given that we just moved back into the house this summer, it will be some time before we get the outdoors complete. We have finally gotten our lawn service streamlined and worked out the kinks, so that is progress.
  2. Organize family photos: Done
  3. Get organized for back to school and work: Done
  4. Check emergency kits: Done
  5. Clear the way for easy weeknight dinners: Still working on this one.
  6. Organize closets before fall shopping: Well, there isn’t going to be any fall shopping in our house, but our closets are organized.
  7. Clean out the garage: Our handyman finally cleaned out his supplies from our garage this week, so this is almost done.
  8. Schedule some do-nothing time: Ha! This will always be something that I struggle with.

It took months to get our lawn service straightened out and it was worth all the effort. The lawn looks sharp and better than it did when the tenant, who happens to have a lawn business, mowed it himself.



On to September!

September: Mudroom, entrances and junk drawers. Embrace the back-to-school spirit (whether or not you have kids) by getting the busiest zones of your house clutter-free this month.

  • Put away stray items in entrances that belong elsewhere
  • Add extra hooks or shelves if you need them to help corral items
  • Sort through junk drawers, baskets, trays and any other spots that accumulate random junk
  • Invest in drawer organizers or a wall-mounted organizer to keep small items neat

Habit to cultivate: Do an end-of-day tidy-up of the entryway, putting shoes, coats and random items back where they belong.

I just finished this one and I can’t wait to share the results!


…And We’re Back!


The lights are still on

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost three months since I’ve posted. SO MUCH has happened since I last posted. We wrapped up a four month remodel project (well, almost!), I relocated to a new city and started a new job. I pretty much took my life and turned it upside down! Things are starting to settle down some, and we are almost finished up with our transition. At the start of our transition, hubby said that things would be settled by September. I laughed but it ended up being true.

But first, on this dark and stormy night, let’s talk about something fun – bar carts and wine bars!  Recently I attended a “Harvest Happy Hour”, which was hosted by Pier 1. I am obsessed with bar carts, and I’ve been looking for some inspiration to style mine. I thought the event would be more bar cart focused, but it was a mix of bar cart and fall styling. I did walk away with some ideas, so it wasn’t a complete waste.


For the past week, I’ve been throwing around some ideas on how to update things. Our bar cart and wine bar have gone through many looks this year:

IMG_1191 IMG_2831 IMG_3747 IMG_3748 IMG_3749 IMG_3750

I decided to shift some things around and bring out some pieces that have been stashed away. I bought a couple things from Home Goods and voila! All that’s needed is some more liquor and it’ll be ready to go live! Knowing myself like I do, I will probably shift some things around again. But that’s part of the fun.

IMG_3796 IMG_3797IMG_3794

One of the things that I love about our house is the amount of light that comes in. It was sunny day when I took these pictures so I had to open the blinds and let the light in. And with no neighbors across the street, it’s possible to do this on a regular basis.


If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen some spoilers of our remodel over the past few months. I plan on posting more about it soon but for now, you will see bits and pieces. If you have been following along with the Houzz Cluttering Clearing Challenge this year, I will be catching you up in the next post.

I will leave you with one of my favorite things about where our house is located – beautiful, colorful sunsets. I will never get tired of this view!






Cottage remodel: The sequel

We’re back….

Be sure to check out our past progress of the cottage remodel:

A Little Place Called the Cottage

The Cottage Remodel Process

The Big Cottage Reveal

While we did a major remodel of the cottage last year, there were still some minor touches that hubby and I figured we’d eventually get around to. We made a decision earlier this year to rent out the cottage once our tenants were out of the main house. This meant that we needed to finish those things that we’d “eventually get around to”.

We started off behind the eight ball. Our original plan was to have our handyman start immediately after the tenants moved out of the house because we were looking to have someone move in to the cottage by May 1. I had spoken with our handyman two weeks prior about all the items left in the cottage to complete. For some reason, he wanted to talk to hubby about it and all of that info got lost in translation. He also started working on painting his own house so we had to wait until he was done with that. That set us behind a week.

The one major item left in the cottage was to replace the 28 year old ac unit. We have a great ac tech who replaced a unit in the house last year and has done other work for us at the rental properties. We also decided to install the Nest thermostat so we can monitor the usage and be alerted to any outages. Of course we ran into some issues.

The first one was that when the original unit was put in, the wood box was built around it. This meant ripping out the wood before the unit could be removed. This also meant that we would have to have some wood work done once the new unit is installed.

Unfortunately we found some mold that we had to treat.


And then the old beast of a unit came out!


Hey there!


Shiny and new

In the end, it all worked out and it’s much less humid in the cottage. We had our handyman and his brother install some wood to seal up the unit. You can’t even tell it was there. Well, you’ll notice that spot isn’t as dirty as the rest of the exterior.


Now you see it…


Now you don’t!

Here’s the rest of what we did. Not pictured is fixing a couple spots on the wall and a fresh coat of paint in the back bedroom.

IMG_1273IMG_1272 IMG_1491 copyIMG_2582 IMG_1492 IMG_2577


We torn down the old dilapidated fence in the front, as well as installed new plants and mulch; new cabinet and faucet in the bathroom; new ceiling fan in the living room and a new stone path and mulch in the back and last but not least, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Voila! We are finally finished with this project!

Houzz Clutter-Clearing Plan: May/June Edition

As you saw in my last post, time has gotten the best of me. I’m here with a double edition of Houzz’s Clutter-Clearing Plan, May and June. Yes, May is over but hey, you didn’t know about the challenge!

If you are new around here, or want to take a look back at this year’s posts about the clutter-clearing plan, check them out here:

January’s Results

February’s Clutter-Clearing Plan

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April’s Clutter-Clearing Plan

Curious about the whole year? Check it out here.

For April’s challenge, I already had our medicine cabinets and bath/beauty storage under control. When I was snowed in over January, I took care of it here and here.

June:  Family room, playroom, media, art and schoolwork. The end of the school year is a good time to review collected artwork and school papers, and choose a small number of special pieces to save in a portfolio or document box.

  • Edit schoolwork and art from the past year
  • Gather a bag of DVDs, books and CDs to give away or sell
  • Sort through toys and games; get rid of those your family no longer enjoys, as well as anything missing key pieces

Habit to cultivate: At the beginning of each school year, pick up a simple art portfolio. When your child brings work home, enjoy all of it for a while, but choose only a few special pieces to put in the portfolio.

May Madness


Goodness, it has been too long since I have posted. Things have been just as crazy this past month, so I hope I can wrap it up in one post!

The renovations have continued at our house and I’m guessing that they will continue on for another 6 weeks. Lots of stuff going on and I’m thankful that we’re not living through it. The good news for the month is that we finally found the right tenant for the cottage. She loves the place and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her there. And she has no pets – score!

I flew down mid-month over a weekend to do the move-in inspection/key exchange and work on some things at the house. Of course, my list was much longer than I had time for and I got in over my head. I decided to go to IKEA to buy a dresser for the bedroom. I thought that I had enough time to put it together, but it literally fell apart and split in several places. I could have thrown it out the window. I was rushing and trying to get so much done.  Stuff was scattered throughout the house and I kept doing circles. I would attempt to work on one thing, only to discover that there was five things in front of it to finish first.

When I got back to DC and settled the next day, I went to find the check that the new tenant gave me. Well wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find it! I was positive that I didn’t leave the house with it, but after asking the handyman to look around, he couldn’t find it. Hubby was not pleased. I knew that I was going to go down over Memorial Day weekend, so my top priority was to look for it then. I was nervous that I had thrown it away and lost it. Yes, I obsessed over it every day.

We decided that it was best to have me drive down for the holiday weekend with a load of stuff from the apartment. July is just around the corner, and that is when we will need to move to a smaller apartment since we are keeping the house.  We are anxious to lock down a new place in the same complex. Unfortunately, the complex is starting a five year remodeling project and raising the rents on all apartments. That was not part of the plan. Sigh….


Memorial Day weekend was upon us and it was time to bring a load of stuff to the house. I decided to pack up all the kitchen stuff that we were moving as well as all the fragile and awkward stuff. I was able to get almost everything that I wanted into the car. I got very lucky with traffic and only had a small delay out of DC.  As soon as I arrived at the house, I made a beeline for the kitchen and sunroom to see if the check was stuck somewhere. Sure enough, I had stuck the check in the box of supplies that I had picked up shortly before I was wrapping the day up. Phew!


My two goals for this trip were to get the kitchen and master bedroom set up. I was able to unpack everything, line the shelves, change out the knobs and get organized. While on a ladder to line the top cabinet shelves, I noticed exposed wires for the light above the kitchen sink. How did this ever pass inspection? Gee, I wonder why that light isn’t working.


The next goal was not so easy. I still had the remnants of a broken IKEA dresser in the bedroom. I decided to take a chance and return it. I was in luck. No questions asked! I returned to the store to get two nightstands, an 8 drawer dresser and a 3 drawer dresser to set our tv on. Oh and two vases and sticks for the living room. They look great, of course I forgot to take a picture!

I spent most of Sunday assembling all the IKEA furniture. I started around 12:15pm, took a break for dinner, then finally finished up at 11:30pm. I was happy that I was able to finish but I paid for it the next day. My hand was swollen and my back was sore. I’m glad that it’s done. Here are the results:

IMG_2759 IMG_2262IMG_2761

It feels great to finally have a room put together! Well, for the most part. There’s still some decorating and organizing to do, possibly a different rug and such. But at least all of our clothes are finally in one place!

I left the day before hubby did (he’s en route as I type this) and I missed the other rental property issues that came up today. One tenant came home last night to an ac unit that’s froze up plus water in one of the bedrooms again. The short version is, is that when we had the gutter installed a few months ago, they didn’t install a long downspout, allowing the water drain away from the house. We also found a couple spots on the fountain that needed to be sealed up.


This isn’t going to work.

At the other rental property, the tenant discovered that the fence is coming apart. We need to get this taken care of asap as they have a dog and no one wants her getting loose.


We are wrapping up May with a bang. Here’s to June being a bit calmer!


Gotta love lawn day!

What’s Up?

Here it is, almost halfway through May, and I’m just now getting motivated to write. The past 6 weeks or so have been chaos, to say the least. We knew that this past month would be busy, but life through us some curve balls just for fun.


The first half of the month was spent getting the tenant out of our house after 4 years. I don’t want to go into too much detail, because there will be future posts on what transpired. We were taken aback by the amount of filth and damage that was left behind. Even as seasoned property owners, we were left speechless. Let’s just say that we started Phase 1 of remodeling our home a bit earlier than planned.

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you have already seen some of the fun and excitement that we’ve had. For those of you that solely read my blog, here is a bonus:

For those times when you just don’t feel like cleaning, add some Christmas Tree air fresheners around the house. They’ll freshen the place up real quick.




This was one of the more lighthearted discoveries that we made. The others were disappointing, frustrating and downright disrespectful. I’ll leave it at that for now.

We spent the second half of the month coordinating vendors to do work at our house and listing two properties for rent. That doesn’t sound too crazy, right? But believe me, having both of us work on it in person and remote was more stressful than anticipated.

We had a tenant who decided to break their lease earlier than they had originally told us. I made it clear to them that in order to get their security deposit back, they needed to show the house and leave it spotless. Just coming off cleaning up our own house, I was not in the mood to spend another few days cleaning up after someone. I should have known when they were still “cleaning” at 10pm the last night they were there, that there was trouble ahead.

I will say that they patched most all of the holes in the wall. If hubby had seen the condition of the walls when I dropped off the paint, he would have died. It wasn’t horrible but he is particularly sensitive about this property since he just remodeled it 6 months ago.

That said, I was very disappointed when I arrived the next day to “touch things up”. I spent from 10am to 6pm cleaning, patching more holes and touching up paint throughout the house. They only lived there 6 months! Unreal, especially since the girl had a real estate background. The mildew in the bathroom was disgusting. They also left a massive amount of trash and recyclables, most of which the garbage folks would not pick up. We decided to haul off the old trash can along with the bags and boxes. When hubby turned the corner, the can spilled all over the car. The car smelled like a poopy diaper for the next few days. It was awful! Zep Air Freshener to the rescue!


What came up from the kitchen floor, after the tenants “cleaned”. Yuck!

We only had one day to turn the property. The new tenants were moving in the next day, thank goodness! There were a couple small things that we did not get to, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a few phone calls.

We also are in the process of screening tenants and conducting showings to rent the cottage. We have a ton of interest, but not everyone is excited about the layout nor the lack of a dishwasher.  I know we will find “that” person, but it has been very frustrating thus far. Everyone either has multiple pets or wants a roommate situation. Based on past experience, and again, just coming off of doing two move outs, we are being picky.

Back in DC for a few weeks, we are still reeling from the past month. The renovations are continuing at our house and we are working on some things for the other two rental properties. It never stops!

I will be posting soon about the monthly Houzz challenge as well as the sequel to the Cottage Remodel. After all, it has to be perfect for our new tenant!

The Big Cottage Reveal!


Are you ready?

In case you missed the first two posts, get caught up here:

A Little Place Called The Cottage

The Cottage Remodel Process

It’s the big reveal!

I am so excited to share with you how the cottage turned out. It doesn’t even look like the same place! Take a look!

The Cottage Reveal

Living Room


Stairs to storage






Re-surfaced kitchen countertops


Front Bedroom


Front Bedroom


Back Bedroom


Back Bedroom


Back Bedroom


Completely different, no?

We found a company that could re-surface the kitchen countertops. This proved to be more cost effective than completely ripping out the old ones. They look beautiful!

Now for the not so exciting part of home remodels: the costs. This was the first remodel that hubby and I did together and we didn’t do a budget. Fortunately, the costs weren’t out of control, so not having a budget was a terrible thing.

Our handyman did most everything, said for our help here and there and outsourcing the countertops:

-Paint top to bottom & patch holes in entire cottage (except for the bathroom and back bedroom), including laundry room area.

-Paint stairs to loft.

-Caulk various holes & gaps.

-Make cabinet door to cover electrical box.

-Paint all kitchen cabinets.

-Replace cabinet hardware.

-Repair caulking in shower.

-Replace weatherstripping in kitchen and back bedroom doors.

-Paint interior side of kitchen door.

-Re-surface kitchen countertops

Total cost, including labor and supplies, was $2, 480.22.

It’s amazing what some paint and updated finished will do for a place. I am in love with how the cottage turned out!

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